Yogurt can reduce gum atrophy

Gum atrophy refers to the receding of the gums in the root of the tooth, exposing the root of the tooth. Gum atrophy is actually quite common, especially among older adults.
There are two main causes of gum atrophy. The other is pathological gingival atrophy. As the age increases, it will be more or less atrophied, exposing the root of the tooth, which is a physiological atrophy that does not require treatment, but can be delayed through health care.The best way to reduce labour in refilling vape cartridge is by getting an oil cartridge filling machine! They have a small table top design and come with a year’s warranty. So, do some work with this machine!
In addition to our usual protection against the teeth, we can try these tips to help alleviate and treat gum atrophy.
Yogurt can reduce gum atrophy
You might as well have a glass of yogurt every day. Studies have shown that people who regularly drink yogurt have a much lower risk of gum disease than those who don't. Researchers of 900 participants aged 40-80 years old were evaluated, concludes a set of data: compared with people seldom drink yogurt, yogurt or other lactic acid drinks per day 50 grams or more of, less gum atrophy and other periodontal disease.
Eating pumpkin seeds can help treat gum atrophy
Old people can also eat melon seeds often to improve the condition of gum atrophy. The seeds are rich in phosphorus and carotene which are beneficial to the teeth, while the elderly suffer from gum atrophy and the lack of phosphorus and carotene in the body.
Often eat pumpkin seeds can supplement the phosphorus and carotene in the body, in case the gingival atrophy occurs. In order to facilitate the use of pumpkin seeds, the pumpkin seeds can be ground to dry and eaten.
Often chew goji to prevent gingival atrophy
Chewing goji berries can effectively prevent gum atrophy. Wolfberry fruit has the effect of promoting the proliferation and adhesion of periodontal membrane and fibroblasts, especially the effect of raw wolfberry fruit. Therefore, the elderly often chew some raw wolfberry fruit to prevent gingival atrophy and have a positive effect.
The specific method is: take 20 pieces of goji berries, soak them in water for 5 minutes, then chew them in the mouth, make it fully contact with the root of the root, and swallow it after 3 minutes. 1 time a day for 2 weeks in a row.
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